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Eating raw mushrooms (a favorite snack of mine, dipped in hummus of course...) always makes me hiccup.

We have been soaking up every last bit of sunshine and warm weather this week...

Or rather, I have been savoring every last second of being able to send the kids out the door without it taking 75 hours to put jackets and hats and socks and ________ on. Besides the inevitable sickness that is always lurking in the wintery shadows, I think I dread the added time it takes to go out the door the most.

I got the extreme privilege of taking both Ezra and Zoe to the doctors this week for their respective well check ups. Because I am an idiot I scheduled it for the same time as Eli's speech and occupational therapy appointments. Therefore, Jeremiah and I divided and conquered, but somehow I think I ended up with the short end of the stick.

I have decided that small windowless doctors office appointment rooms are a special foretelling of what might be like. Perhaps combined with the atmosphere of chucky-cheese on a Saturday afternoon.

And what is is about a doctors office that suddenly makes your child want to lick everything?

Nevertheless, we made it through...and compared to last year's experience Ezra actually did quite well. We could only go up from last year though, so not sure that is the most accurate statement.

However, he is healthy and thriving, so I choose to count my many abundant blessings!

Less than 3 weeks until the big move. I have kicked it into high gear this week and slowly but surely boxes are filling up the house and my closets and cupboards are emptying.

Ella made her first pie with me this week...

Turned out quite yummy too.
She will probably end up being a better baker than me.
(let's hope so...)

Happy Thursday!

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mommajeane said...

I love the pictures and sequence of them. Ella holding the baby first and then Eli moving into the wagon and then he somehow ends up with the baby :) Reminds me of Mary Kate and Daniel Noel...somehow she always convinced him to hold a baby even when they played war...