snapshot: partial reunion

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my heart will remain heavy until there is a TOTAL reunion for this family.
continue to pray.

and if you want to do more:
regarding case #KMP2011654002 and respectfully ask them to reevaluate their case.

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Cam and Meg said...

So many tears for the Via's. Praying

The Martins said...

This just makes me cry. So glad she has you and others there to be there for her during this time. Praying like crazy!

Also, I need your email address. Will you send it to me at

Our Family said...

My Heart is heavy for your friend ... I can't imagine the anxiety and pain that this is bringing to their family. They will be in our prayers until the day they bring their daughter home!

Melt my heart!! This is a perfect picture Jenn. That night had so many emotions to embrace, I didn't know which way to go. How awesome that all her ladies were there to welcome her and love on her. I also love that the kids just ran straight to their cousins & buddies as if they were never gone, that was awesome!