where i reveal where i want to be today

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all photos taken at our 2011 beach vacation to the OBX

i am longing for sun drenched and sandy days today...
listening to my relaxed husband playing guitar,
walking on the boardwalk eating ice-cream,
flying kites,

if i had my druthers (what exactly is a "druther"?) i'd be heading to the beach today.

what about you?
where would you be headed this friday if you could?

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S, E, or O said...

Very similar to your spot! :) I have been thinking a lot of how nice it would be to be on the beach in this weather, but on the SOBX, where we used to live. Sand between my toes, salt in air, and a breeze across my face....

On another note, my Little Man has been talking a lot about Ezra and Eli a lot lately, just out of the blue. In fact, he's been talking so much about them that I dreamed about you all last night. You rode by us at Target, rolled down the window, and all six of you started yelling, waving, and smiling. Weird but good.

Emily Minich said...

druthers is 'I'd rather' with some letters left out. Love it!

mommajeane said...

I would love to be in Ghana getting your new siblings but my second choice would be at the beach. This brought back memories...hope we can do it again this year.

Briana said...

wow those pictures are great. really, great. well done Jenny B