You can't catch me...I'm the gingerbread man!

We go to our local library at least once a week. It is one of the highlights of Ella's young life. Ok, I's one of the highlights of my life too...I love the library!Sometimes we make it for story hour and then we play with puzzles and pick out a new stash of books. Sometimes we miss story hour due to Ezra's morning nap and we just do our own thing. Our library has an awesome people-sized ant cave on display in the children's section this summer and both kids love to crawl in it...Ella to read, Ezra to bang on the walls and make me crawl in there after him =)

In all our visits and the hundred of books we have checked out...I have never misplaced one of them. I keep a separate basket in the living room where all the library books go. Ella knows not to mix up our books and the library ones. Well, I began getting notices for a missing "Gingerbread Man" book last week. I have scoured the entire house, car, etc. and we can't find it. I really think the library lost it because I always count the number of books we have when we get home and write that number on the calender, and then make sure we have that same number when we go to return them. I've got to find a way to convince them of my fine is growing and growing every day! Yikes!


mommajeane said...

I have been there done that one at the library.... make the kid who checked out the book pay :) Hope you find it soon... we have bought a few books if you remember.

Briana said...

ha, that's funny. Funny because you know i hate librarys...something about having to be quiet didn't really work out for. Also funny because I would love to be there while you try to convince them that why i couldn't have been YOUR fault while citing examples of your bordeline obsessive organization habits. hahah oh, that's the Jenn i know and love. :)

Briana said...

wow, there were a LOT of typos in that, sorry, well you get my drift.

Tasha Via said...

oh man! that stinks. Yeah, I agree with Briana, I'd loved to have seen you convince the librarian that it was their fault...too funny! I hope you find the book=)

Emily Jennings said...

We LOVE the library too! I was TOTALLY convinced the library had not recorded that I had returned a book recently. But then Silas found it on our regular bookshelf, not the one we usually keep library books on. I was SO glad I hadn't argued with the librarian!

Kelly Via said...

Maybe you could pay your fine with coupons??

Tasha Via said...

Kelly, I can't stop laughing. That is so funny. Too bad we can't pay our house mortgages with coupons too. HA!


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