I knew that this day would come...

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While in the library bathroom last week, a lady walked in as we were washing our hands.

She was sporting a glorious afro.

Ella looked up at her and said, "You have crazy hair!"

I know she heard because Ella said it crystal clear and there was no else in the bathroom and no loud flushing to muffle her words. The lady graciously pretended to ignore her comment.

Out in the car I explained to Ella that I knew she wasn't being unkind by saying that the lady had crazy hair, but that we have to be careful saying things like that because they can hurt feelings.

I'd love suggestions on how to explain this concept to her!

and...I'm sure some of you have funny stories of your own!
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Kelly Via said...

Ha!! This happened to us a few weeks ago as well! A man was walking out of Lowes Foods beside us, and he had a stern look on his face. Maybe he was one of those people who looks mad when they are just impartial...you know?? Anyways, Cana says "Mommy, why is does that man have such a mad face?" As I was trying to talk to Cana about her comment, the man looked over and said "Don't worry, I get that all the time..."

Kelly Via said...

I guess at 3 years old, when they see something and want to ask about it, they just ask!! Definitely could cause some crazy situations :)

Jeanne said...

TJ just last week at Costco said "Look at that huge fat man!" It's embarrasing, but I don't worry too much about it. I have kids sometimes tell me I'm fat, and I don't think they're putting a judgement on it, just stating fact. It bothers their mom way worse than it bothers me. So don't worry. (But I do tell my kids later that it may hurt somebody's feelings, etc.)

Tasha Via said...

I'm anxious to hear what other's have to say too! We just do exactly what you did, we wait until the awkwardness has passed and talk about it later=)

Briana said...

Me too! man, the other day i was at Bi-Lo and this lady had a giant (sorry i have to generalize here) "old-black-lady-going-to-church" hat on. Before i new it i pointed and said, "wow, look at the bird on that lady's hat!" and then i got embarassed and had to talk to myself later about how that wasn't really appropriate.

sorry, just trying to fit in. :)

mommajeane said...

Maybe you need to tease your hair and fix it differently more often so that she gets used to different or at least exposed to it.... only kidding. However that is one method to help her experience diff. values .. I think it is called diversity. Again I am teasing but also making a point about our culture. Actually this is one of the reasons I love kids so much... they are honest even sometimes brutely honest... I also think that "manners" are not taught like they used to be .. and teaching our kids about such things actually brings some order and definitely peace to your life and theirs. You did a great job with her... I would also suggest maybe you talk about a secret word or phrase you can use to do when this happens again... which will mean, "ask me later in the car" or something like that. It sure makes me smile hearing all of you younger moms and how you handle such things... when I actually had to live thru some of Jenn's curiosity comments.