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We've settled in here and the kids are doing great! They are loving all their friends and new toys to play with and of course, Meme =)

I think Ezra is in the middle of a growth spurt because he is eating more than all the other 3 kids combined. Here is an example of his lunch yesterday:

1 whole banana
2 servings blueberrie
1 cup mandarin oranges
2 chicken nuggets
1 cheese stick
1 bowl mac n cheese
1 serving peas
1 blueberry cereal bar

That was just lunch! Add to that two other meals and 2 snack times...yikes! We are so in trouble when teenager time comes =)

Kelly and I have gotten to go out shopping kid-free three times in the last two days. So what if two of those times were to the grocery store =) Last night we went out and picked out the kids Easter outfits...they are gonna be stylin' this April!

Jeremiah comes up today. I'm so excited! Absence does makes the heart grow fonder =)

Chuck-e-cheese today...Safari Zoo tomorrow...

Hope everyone is having a great week!

p.s. Mom, I've got a video coming of the kids for you =)
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Sounds like fun! Does this mean we won't be seeing you at Sara Beth's party Saturday? :)