Ride along on the chocolate river...

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Now that she has reached the age of three we are starting to see Ella's personality coming out more and more.

While babies do have different personalities you can't really tell too much about them until they start interacting with you and others.

Watching how Ella interacts with her friends is a big window into her personality and all the dynamics that make up who she is. It's also a good clue into her friends personalities too.

Case in point: Last week at Meme's we made a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese. While we were there Ella and Cana and Kayil were playing in the playground area on a school-bus.

Ella was moving her hands around like she was riding a wave and saying repeatedly, "we are riding along the chocolate river...riding along the chocolate river!" and Kayil was right there with her =)

However, a few seconds into this ride I heard Cana say to Ella, "No, we are in a school bus, we are riding to school."

You don't have to be around either child very long to see that Cana is extremely logical and a concrete thinker. They were in a school bus, therefore, they were headed to school. Ella on the other hand is extremely imaginative and an abstract thinker.

When posing for a picture I jokingly tell them, "Don't you smile!"

This guarantees that Ella will gleefully show off her pearly whites while Cana actually listens to my request and doesn't smile =)

I've since learned other ways to insure two smiles for the pictures!

Obviously with each personality comes its own strengths and weaknesses and as parents we hold the tremendous responsibility and priviledge for helping them to recognize their giftings and guiding their development.

But beyond the responsibility...it really is so much fun and such a gift to have a front row seat as these different sides to their personalities make their appearance.

For those of you with children: Do you have a child headed to school or on a trip down the chocolate river?
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Kelly Via said...

Well, as you can see from Cana and Kayil...we are torn between riding to school and floating in the chocolate river. Maybe their baby sister will have to choose?

Jeanne said...

TJ is very literal. He asks me all the time questions like "what means 'I'm in your hair?'" It worries him when he doesn't understand all of my words. Now he's using it against me. I asked how something got destroyed the other day and he said "when Leah started playing with it, it was fine." While that was a true statement, it turned out that he went back and destroyed it AFTER she played with it. "But Mom, I didn't lie. It WAS fine when she started playing with it." Using semantics against me already at 4 and a half. That's literal.

Jeanne said...

...So I guess we're riding to school with him. As for Leah, if I said we were riding to school, she would say "No we're not", and if I said we were riding the chocolate she would say "No we're not." She even argues with her baby dolls, so I'm not sure which way she would go without any opposition. God bless her little argumentative heart.

Addie said...

I have a trip down chocolate river being chased by a giant t-rex! :)