Prayer Request Update

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I've been meaning to do this for a while now...

If you want to get updated on the original prayer request, click here then here.

After 12 weeks of blood draws my HCG levels are at a 6. It has been a much longer process than either me or my doctor had anticipated...but even though it has been slow it has been consistent which is the important thing. I went from HCG levels in the 40,000's to the 4,000's to the 400's and then after that things slowed down considerably. I was in a plateau in the 20's all of March and we were planning on starting a chemo treatment...when Jeremiah and I felt strongly that we needed to wait one more week. We did and I had over a 50% drop in that one week! Praise the Lord! In the week since then I had another it looks like I am clear of any chemo treatments! Now if that elusive 0 would just make his face known...hopefully just a few more weeks!

I am feeling really good my body is finally "normal" again and that has been wonderful. We truly have grown so much over the past three months. I think the Lord has used this to draw my heart close to his on a new intimate level that I had never experienced before in my relationship with Him. I have been changed...and I am so grateful. We still have our sad (or angry!) moments...but that is ok and part of the healing process I know.

Thank you all for your prayers.
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Anonymous said...

Praise God! I'll keep praying for the 0.


K said...

Wonderful news. I will keep praying for you and that 0.

Becky Swann said...

Thank you for sharing. It is always encouraging to hear that other people can trust the same God that I am trusting. It sounds like he is taking care of you and I will definitely pray that he continues to do so!