Thursday gone...

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Yesterday was a fun whirlwind of a day!

First we all headed out to Ezra's 18month check-up. He did great! Both nurse and doctor mentioned how "compliant" he was. I was just smiling inside and thinking of how "compliant" he can be when I try to change his diaper =) He had a big growth spurt from his 15month check-up till now...jumping from the 45% in height to the 75%. His weight is holding steady in the 50%. His right ear is still infected, so we are back on an oral antibiotic. Other than that...he is as perfect as they come!

Then we met up with Kelly, Jonathan, and kids. The men took off to do some men-talk and us ladies had a great playdate at Durant Nature Park in Raleigh.

Here are some pictures of the day:

Then we headed back home for some rest time for Ella and a nap for Ezra while I headed out to do our 2 week grocery shopping trip. I stayed within budget and broke a new coupon saving record...over $100.00 in savings!

Needless to say I slept like a log last night =)

Happy Friday everyone!
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Tasha Via said...

Glad you had a GREAT day...and night! Way to go on saving $100!!!

Deb H said...

what in the WORLD?? Tell me how you did that! I have done 40 something but 100!!! I am impressed Jenn, very impressed and the grocery stores should be VERY afraid!