Beach Week: Photo(s) of the Day

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We made it to the beach yesterday.


As soon as I could smell the salty air I could feel myself settle down.

And it has just been an incredible relaxing day today. The beach in September is absolutely perfect. Especially if you can time it in between hurricanes.

Eli's eyes got even bigger when he first saw the ocean. A priceless memory. The other two were positively giddy to get on the beach. And the pool. And play with their cousins.

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mommajeane said...

Love the pics...keep them coming

your babies are so beautiful!

I love it, I can feel their excitement!

Erin Hemric said...

I know yall are having a blast!

Ella asked me the other day if I knew Mimi. And, I told her I had heard of her, but had not met her. And she said, "Well I like her. Do you know why I like her?" I told her I didn't. And she responded, "She always has a lot of food, all of my friends are always at her house, and she has LOTS of toys!" :)

She was very exciting to get to the beach and hang out with everyone!