Thursday Thoughts (of the thankful variety)

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I am thankful today for a husband who always makes sure the kids fingernails are cut.

I am thankful today that the God of Peace has promised to guard my heart and mind (not my circumstances) when I bring my requests before him with thanksgiving.

I am thankful that this potty training thing with Ezra has been really (dare I say it?) easy. He is doing awesome!

I am thankful for the cartoon Umizoomi. And Max and Ruby. The only two cartoons that all three of my kids will watch. For at least 10 minutes.

I am thankful that as long as we all eat together my kids (or my husband) do not care if we eat steak or cereal. Which is a very good thing this week.

I am thankful that my, ahem...undergarment...from my wedding still fits to wear under my dress this weekend.

I am thankful for urgent care and trusting my instincts to take Ezra and catching an upper respiratory infection and double ear infection early. And antibiotics. And insurance.

I am thankful that Eli likes to cuddle. At least I still have one left.


We leave for wedding round two as we trek to Virginia this morning. Fun. Fun.

Sidenote: With all the crazy traveling schedule we've been doing I just thought I would note that Eli is doing awesome! He is transitioning well in each new environment and has been warming up quickly (but not too quickly) to new people. And the best part of traveling with him is the coming home part and seeing his face light up as he realizes that he is home.

Happy Thursday!
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