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I am one mom.

To two three year old boys.

I am popping out phrases like "no, you can't flush your _______ down the toilet" or "you cannot ride your blanket down the stairs backwards" or "books are for reading not for frisbee throwing" or "if you can't keep your hands to yourself I am going to duct tape them to your sides" left and right these days.

Kidding about the duct tape part.


But goodness the fun they bring to this house. To my life. I love it.

I was never one of these girls that said they wanted twins. I always knew that would be a lot of work. But now that I have virtual twins I am thinking it is really not that bad. Eli has caught up in height to Ezra and they both wear the same size clothes. They both are about the same stage of potty training. Their personalities couldn't be more different...but, hey, that would just be boring if they agreed on everything. (ha!)

Yes, it is a lot of work. But goodness the fun they bring to this house. To my life. I love it.

I know the difference between a tanker truck and a flat bed truck and a front end loader and a bulldozer. I know the names of all the Disney car personalities and can quote whole sections of the movie without thinking. I hear shouts of "bus!", "truck!", "motorcycle!" as we drive all over town. I hear arguments of Ezra correcting Eli on exactly what kind of truck it is. I get numerous "choke hugs" a day and have been known to contemplate buying a helmet for protection. For me. Not them. I hear laughs after burps and poots all day long. Of which they seem to have been loaded with two times the amount more than Ella.

I am constantly reminding myself that we are raising them up to be men. Not two bigger boys.

Yes, it is a lot of responsibility. But goodness the fun they bring to this house. To my life. I love it.
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The Martins said...

oh girl, can i relate! Well said!

Briana said...

great picture, what cuties.

mommajeane said...

With 10 boys Jenn I can relate as well- I used to think girls were so much fun- with my first 4 being girls but after having the boys it is equally fun but sometimes gross with the amounts of air that comes out of them- but always laughter and physicalness( pushing, shoving, touching, falling,kicking and rough housing.Life would be so boring if all there was were girls.