Getting Back Into the "Swing" of Things

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After almost two weeks off of school I decided to dub this week our getting back into the "swing" of things week for our home school. Because that is exactly what we were doing.

Swinging, that is.

We have visited a new Durham park every day this week. And made a lot of observations, such as how many swings, slides, and picnic tables there were. Was it a busy or quiet park? What made it special? What was the weather like?

We wrote everything down in a journal and when the boys were sleeping (tired out from all that playing!) Ella and I made up a graph to input our information about each park. At the end of the week we compared all the parks and graphs and made one big giant graph combining some of the categories.

Can I just say that this was the most fun week of school EVER! Really! Because I really was trying to get caught back up on so many other things it was great for me because it didn't require a lot of planning. Ella was very into it and can tell you exactly what a graphs purpose is, how to make one up, and how to read a basic one. Her number writing skills got a lot of practice as well as her basic adding and subtracting skills. Ezra and Eli...well, they just had fun!

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mommajeane said...

Nothing wrong with "fun" school...It does look like it was fun learning all those things. Can I come and play?

Sheri said...
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How awesome is that??!! Great idea!