Thursday Thoughts

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Drip. Drip.

I think the rain (while much needed) washed away my energy, my motivation, my brain cells and most certainly my happy heart yesterday.

Ah. But today is a new day. With a promise of new mercies. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

I took Ezra for his three year old check up yesterday. Just him and me. Except that when you put him into an enclosed windowless doctors appointment room he morphs into the equivalent of 4.5 kids. I actually had to excuse myself in the middle of the appointment to take him to the bathroom to have "a talk."

Later in the day I heard him tell Ella about his doctors appointment:
"They put stickers in my hair and hiccups in my mouth. Then they cut the hiccups out."

Yeah. Not sure how he got that.

My hard drive crashed on my computer yesterday. The day after my husband had backed up all my pictures. Shew. That was a close one. And while all pictures are pretty much irreplaceable, I'd have been physically sick had we lost all our ethiopia ones. I am now especially motivated to get working on Eli's lifebook and get some of those photos into an album for him. Any of you adoptive moms reading this, any suggestions for how to do a lifebook is much appreciated!

As of last night I am now officially caught up on all my coupons.

Tomorrow starts the first day of October. And my weatherman crush tells me that colder weather is coming along with it. Bring it. I've had the kids hoodies ready for weeks.

The kids have a new morning tradition where as soon as they get up they all climb into Eli's bed with him. There are a lot of squeals and laughs and happy noises (and a good share of not so happy noises too) and it is just so impossibly cute to see them all snuggled together. It's hard to believe that next week brings the three month mark of Eli joining our family.

Happy Thursday!
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rachel said...

You don't know me, but I've met Jeremiah. My name is Rachel and I'm a Freshman at Duke. :) I go to Elevation and Jeremiah and I had a chance to talk earlier this week. He was telling me about you and his family and mentioned you enjoyed blogging. So, I asked him for the url :)
Just reading through some of them, I have to say your family is adorable! You and Jeremiah seem to be incredibly loving parents and your faith is so admirable :) I love your sense of humor, and your children seem to be darlings.
Anywho, thanks for sharing all of your experiences like you have! Your pictures are excellent and so very cute :) Perhaps I'll meet you some day!
Until then, many blessings to both you and your family :)