Memory Monday

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Philippians 2:14

Do everything without complaining or arguing.


That is a hard one. A really hard one.

I don't know if it is the not complaining part that is so hard.

Or the not arguing part.

Or maybe the everything part.

Yeah. The everything part. That's the really hard part for me.

Ella is a lot like me and she has been having some struggles with complaining and arguing as well. And really, our whole family could benefit from hiding this one in our hearts so Jeremiah wrote a simple song to help the kids learn it and we've found ample opportunity to practice it already.

Ample. Opportunity.

I also know that it is not enough just to say I am not going to complain or argue. I need to replace those things with new behavior. Therefore we created the very elaborate game, "The Grateful Game." Here's how it works:

1) I notice someone is complaining. Myself included.
2) I yell out "time for the grateful game!"
3) Whoever is in the room has to name one thing they are grateful for that moment.

Really complicated, I know. But it gets easier the more you play it. Give it a try.
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Pam said...

I think this is something we all struggle with! What a great reminder this morning! And yes, we might have to play that elaborate game here too today!!

Tasha Via said...

That's cute Jenn!
We play the thankful game. When someone is fighting we freeze and tell something that makes us thankful about that person:)

Kurt said...

I am grateful to have such wonderful, caring friends! Y'all are awesome!