(my) motley crew

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adjective, noun

1. exhibiting great diversity of elements.
2. being of different colors combined
3. the parti colored garment of a jester.
4. a medly.

A terrible picture. But one that makes me laugh because of the following:

1) Eli's shoes are on the wrong feet
2) Ezra's shoes (worn with socks no less) are on the wrong feet
3) Eli's pants are backwards
4) Eli's underwear (I would find this one out later) are backwards
5) Ella is wearing socks with her sandals. With the heels pulled up to mid calf.
6) Eli has yogurt in his hair
7) Ezra is wearing a monster truck pajama shirt that is a size too small and shows a peek of his belly button

Oh. They are a motley crew. But they are my motley crew.

And really. What kind of mother lets her kids go out like that?
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I love it! I can't wait to get my hands on that motley crew!
Hugs and kisses!!

Sheri said...

That is the sweetest motley crew I have ever seen!!

Kelly Via said...

Hahahaha...I love how you pointed out all those 'mishaps.' So adorable!! What a GREAT crew!