Not Me Monday

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I did not get peed on (my entire right shoulder) by one of my children at church yesterday.

That same child did not manage to completely soak his pants, socks, and underwear at the same time.

(Long long story...)

Of course I always keep a spare set of clothes for all my children with me at all times. And I always update that spare set to keep up with their rapid growth at regular 3 month intervals.

Therefore, I did not end up playing musical clothes with the boys to come up with two outfits that kept them at least partially covered and dry. Stylish, not so much.

And of course I always keep a spare outfit for me in the car, so I did not just accept the pee and go on throughout my Sunday.

Sorry if you gave me a hug yesterday.

(I am noticing a trend of a lot of bodily fluids mentioned in my not me monday stories...)
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Marci said...

Aw... what is pee, but yellow water! :-D