Wigged Out

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Regular Sundays are a harder day for Eli. He goes to his class with Ezra and does great...but he is always tired after church. And a little needy from (I think) being away from me and our normal routine for several hours.

Add on a Family Fun Festival, complete with pony rides, the blorb, inflatable slides, candy, horse & carriage rides, funnel cakes, popcorn, and more...and he was really tired (and more than a tad overwhelmed) by the time we made it home late in the afternoon.

And like the good momma I am, I woke him up after a very short nap, put him in his lion costume, terrorized him by drawing whiskers on his face, and took him trick or treating at the Trinity Park neighborhood. Which, by the way, is like something out of a movie on Halloween night.


Needless to say...he was a little wigged out (pun intended) last night.

And. In all honesty. I was too.

I mean...just look at his happy and excited face:

Yes. Sadly, that was the best and only picture I got of our night. I was single parenting it and more worried about losing Ezra (who REALLY got into the whole trick or treat thing) than capturing nostalgic photos.

And did you notice that i got Ezra to wear his spiderman pajama's? That is huge progress people. HUGE.

Who knew that candy could be such a motivator?

And yes, I did spend a good 10 minutes convincing my daughter that she still looked like Ariel even with a shirt on underneath her costume.

So today has been a much needed quieter day. Filled with fruits and vegetables and lean proteins and lots and lots of cuddles.
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Kristen said...

Awww...they were all so sweet! We had fun with you guys!