Thursday Thoughts (and worth your time)

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It's been a busy busy week around here and today is my first opportunity to not to have to run anywhere or entertain anybody. While I've loved all the fun of the week and wouldn't change a thing...I am a girl that needs a certain amount of white space in her life. And I am so looking forward to just chillin' with my kids today. Building some train tracks. Going for a walk. Jumping on the trampoline. Reading some books. Ahhhh.

Anybody else a white space kind of person?

I've been getting my coupons in order for CVS black friday deals coming next week. I've been out of the CVS game ever since Eli came home (priorities, ya know) but am excited to make a jump back in to score some freebies.

Ezra asks me numerous times a day, every single day if Christmas is coming tomorrow? (The very first thing he said to me this morning was "Is Christmas coming in one minute?") This is going to be a fun 6 weeks. Forget the traditional 25 days countdown calendars...I need to make up a count down to Christmas that starts at Halloween apparently.

Some things I've read recently that are Worth Your Time:

I love her honesty and how she writes about the messiness of adoption. A holy mess.

A new take (and welcome jolt of perspective) on the thankful tree.

Ella turns five next week. For some reason this milestone seems exceptionally big to me. Five years is just so old. How in the world do I have a five year old?

I love this photo of her. And I think I am going to love five.

Happy Thursday!
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Sheri said...

To make your busy week even busier you decide to offer to help in AWANA when you could have enjoyed that coffee in peace and quiet. Thank you so much for your help!!! I hope Ella has an amazing 5th birthday!!!

Pam said...

5 is an incredible age! You will LOVE it!

Jennifer said...

Love the photo. Since I think the oldest I am getting is about 5, I look forward to seeing him (hopefully) curled up with a book at some point. It also makes me realize how far behind he will be... sigh.