What Mommy Needs To Know: The Girl Edition

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It really does matter that my shoes are on the right feet.

It really does matter that my underwear is not backwards.

Pants? What are pants?

(Of course I put them on myself)

Racing stripes? Ugh. As if.

If it can be made a princess or fairy it will be made a princess or fairy.

If it can be dressed up it will be dressed up.

If it can be bossed around it will be bossed around.

The little things ARE the big things.

The little-er things ARE the bigger things.

The little-est things ARE the biggest things. Accept it and move on.

Functional clothing is an oxymoron. My clothing is an expression of myself. Fashion over function every. single. day.

The more accessories the better.

It really is necessary for you to tell me every single thing I want to know. Accept it and move on.

Daddy will out-awesome you 50% of the time. (He's just not that good at painting fingernails.)

It's really annoying when you ______________ (depends on the day and mood).

I love it when you hug daddy.

Ok, chime in with your girly additions!
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Becky Swann said...

If you are wearing a hat or sunglasses I need to be too!

You pretty much nailed it! In our house, it's also a fact of life that smiles can go to tears in a nanosecond!

Marci said...

I'll cry every time you brush my hair, but cry if you don't do my hair too.

If it is a baby doll I need it, despite the fact I have 10 already.

When you turn your back I'll redecorate your house, just the way I like it!

Erin said...

If you are putting on makeup, I of course want some too!