River Rats

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My Dad is down for a visit, along with four of my siblings. It is a rare treat to have my Dad here and we are enjoying every minute!

(Five is actually a pretty small number of them to come visit...but that is because they had to leave room in the van to bring us our new king-sized bed. More to come on that subject later.)

We went hiking this morning along the Eno River. I left the house wearing a hoodie, vest and tennis shoes. I came home missing a few items and looking like this:

I am looking like this not because I got hot. But because I fell in the river. The kids made it across safe though. And we all know that is all that matters.

Everybody except me and the two littlest boys left to go see a movie this afternoon. As I was cleaning Ezra up for his nap he sneezed and this fell out of his nose:

A berry.

My response: Holy Moly Ezra! (Yes, I said holy moly. Still not sure why?) What is that? How long has it been up your nose?!! Don't ever ever ever stick anything up your nose.
His response: Oh, dat feels much better.

This may look like any old 15 passenger van...but don't be fooled.

It is the perfect picnic spot for a passel of kids. Especially easily entertained ones.

After movie and naps we are headed to Enzo's for pizza tonight. If you live in Durham (or within an hour radius) you have to go there for the best pizza ever. Seriously. It is the best pizza I have ever eaten. No. Really. You can thank me later.

Happy Friday!
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jrsreagan said...

Jen-you truly are a great blogger. I love reading your stories, but this truly is my favorite. This brings back many memories from working at Children's Hospital in SD in the ER. My favorite were the amount of barbie shoes in kids noses. His response as hands down one of the best I have ever heard!

mommajeane said...

I love the pictures... wish I was there. Make sure someone gets dad with cold water :)He will never suspect it.

Kristen said...

I love the colors in that photo of Ella...

Briana said...

i like this alot. of course i love that YOU fell in the river. and oh my that picture of Ella makes her look so grown up! wow....