What Mommy Needs to Know: The Boy Edition

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It really doesn't matter if my shoes are on the wrong feet.

It really doesn't matter if my underwear is backwards.

It really doesn't matter if my pants are on backwards.

(Just be happy I did it myself!)

Racing stripes in the underwear are just a part of life. Accept it and move on.

There is no such thing as a full belly. Or a closed kitchen.

Quiet is a bad bad bad thing for you.

If it can be lined up like a road it will be lined up.

If it can be driven on it will be driven on.

If it can be jumped off of it will be jumped off of.

Clothes (and shoes) are purely functional. (See the above 1st three points.)

Daddy will always out-awesome you.

It really is necessary to make all the modes of transportation noises. Accept it and move on.

Burping and pooting are just a part of life. Accept it and move on.

It's really annoying when you suck in all the air out of the room every time we do something remotely dangerous.

I really like it when you hug Daddy.

All of you other boy mommies...anything else you'd add to the list?
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Pam said...

This is the PERFECT list!!

Tasha Via said...

I agree, that pretty much sums it up! Awesome post:)

I did think of one other one to add to the list:
There are never too many creative ways to go to the bathroom...ie squatting on top of the toilet or just pooping behind the playhouse in the backyard!

Renae said...

I would add: Clothing is ALWAYS optional....:)

Jeanne said...

I have to second jumping off of things...a landing plan is optional. I would have to add "If it CAN be thrown, it MUST be thrown (accept this and move on)."

oh yes Jeanne...how could i have forgotten that one?!!!

Pam said...

After thinking about it and living it today, I would probably add "The world is my urinal...accept it and move on!"

Ha, Pam!!! Love that!

Donna Wolfe said...

"Hey Mom watch this!" is a scary sentence!! Hang in there friend you will have 1000's to add over the next 13 years!