The White Flag of Brotherhood

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About a week ago we noticed a big change in Eli.

His whining went about 90% away.

Even more specifically...his whining over Ezra went about 90% away.

It is like something clicked in him and he has decided that being a brother to Ezra is not such a bad thing.

Did he decide that Ezra was his fate in life and he better just accept it and move on? Did he decide that Ezra really wasn't all that bad? Did he build up a level of trust in Ezra? Did he realize that he has his own unique position in our family and that he is equally as loved as Ezra is?

I don't know. I may never know what caused the "click". All I do know is that I am loving watching my boys acting like brothers.

The other day they had both woken up early from a nap and were still in that sleepy in-between stage. I snuggled them up in the chair with a blanket, some snacks, and let them watch some Mater's Tall Tales on the computer. So sweet together:

And some more of their not so still but sweet none the less moments:

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Jennifer said...

Julian was cracking up watching the video - he gave me the "more" sign twice to watch it again and again.