The Hambrick's Rockin' New Year's Eve, 2010

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Ah, New Years Eve. A magical night.

Jeremiah and I are just sitting around getting ready to do our nightly affirmations after a lovely night of listening to the kids recite Handel's Messiah in three part harmony. They are asleep in their beds now, all tuckered out after all that singing and eating that big home cooked meal I laboriously prepared for them. {1}

What a calm and relaxing way to end such a calm and relaxing year. {2}

Except for a few minor inconveniences {3} 2010 was a year filled with a lot of highlights for us...

Our big story of the year was the addition of our new son, Eli, adopted from Ethiopia in July of this year. We had a brief adjustment period, but I can safely say we have found our new baseline as a family of five {4}.

Jeremiah continues to work tirelessly in the rewarding field of investing in the lives of college students {5}. Jeremiah expanded his reading horizons this year and spent his free time reading through Descartes {6} and handcrafted an extensive backyard playground for the kids complete with swinging bridge, 17 slides, and a swiss family robinson style tree fort {7}.

Our kids had a great year and reached many new milestones {8}. Ella started kindergarten with an amazing and voracious mind that soaked up everything {9}. Ezra turned 3 in September, and we are happy to have moved him out of those terrible two's {10}. Eli is a happy laid back little guy who has fit right into our family {11}. They all three love literature, sharing their wooden toys, and eating organic vegetables from our garden {12}.

I seamlessly transitioned to being a mother of three and thoroughly enjoy the day to day activities of motherhood {13}. In my spare time I like to read books without pictures and take gratuitous amounts of pictures of my kids.

We've enjoyed lots of travel up and down the east coast this year visiting friends and family and soaking in lots of new experiences {14}.

Happy New Year!


1} Yep. All lies. We ordered chinese and watched Despicable Me. There was another toy fight and this time Eli tried to play the drums on Ezra's head. Then I fell asleep on the couch from 10pm until 11:59 when Jeremiah woke me up. And I am actually writing this the next day while hiding in my bedroom pretending not to hear the boys in the bathroom making a mess.

2} If by calm and relaxing you mean crazy and unpredictable...then, yes.

3} "just sayin...", Justin Beiber, Glee, Polly Pockets, and Brett Favre.

4} Lots of caffeine, earplugs, and lowered expectations.

5} And his Madden football and ping pong skills have increased dramatically.

6} Ha! Free time? What the heck is that?

7} Yeah. Another lie. See above. But the kids like to pretend the backyard bird bath is a stove and make soup with sticks.

8} The boys can burp and fart simultaneously. Every now and then they actually wipe their own bottoms. And Ella learned how to cop an attitude.

9} I actually had to get my act together. Dang it.

10} Because 3 is the new 2. Or 13. Or tourrettes syndrome.

11} Once we worked through the sleepless nights. And 10 tantrums a day.

12} Yeah. They love Super Why, barbies and action figures, and macaroni and cheese is a staple food around here. We've totally sold out.

13} Stop laughing. Really. Stop laughing. Because who really doesn't enjoy wiping endless trails of snot rockets, refereeing fights, and changing barbies outfit 37 times a day?

14} Like cleaning up throw up in the car on the side of the road for the umpteenth time.

p.s. You can read about our 2009 rockin' new years eve here if you want.
p.p.s. I totally stole this idea from this girl who makes me laugh so loud I regret not doing my kegels more.
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Kelly Via said...

Nice, Jenn. I love reading these, very funny! Happy New Year!

Hey, its a great milestone that the boys are learning to wipe their own bottoms...cause that's two less poopy bottoms a day you have to wipe, right?

Bobbie Grant said...

your p.p.s. made me slobber milk out of the side of my mouth because I was laughing so hard at you using the word kegals :)

Erin said...

This was HILARIOUS!!!!