Thursday Thoughts

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I have been sleeping oh so good these last few weeks. I don't remember sleeping this good early on in my other pregnancies...but, then again, I wasn't looking after 3 other littles either and that just might have something to do with it.

I hesitate to say it...

There... I will consider myself hesitated.

But, Jeremiah and I both have noticed how Ezra seems to be showing some glimmers of hope lately and even some opportunities for us to praise his good behavior and obedience. He is still 111% boy...but not so much as difficult as the last 6 (16?!) months of his life. He is even back to taking regular naps without so much as a fight or issue. Oh, how I love nap time. Especially nap time that doesn't have to be fought for.

Eli has been the bestower of kisses here lately. He will make his rounds and give each family member a kiss. Usually the spots he picks to kiss are pretty elbow here, a knee cap there...but I'll take it!

We took all three kids to the dentist this week for their check ups. Ezra decided to actually cooperate this time and even opened his mouth nicely. Last time he locked his jaws in a vise grip and there was not even a peek inside allowed by the dentist. See...hope. Glimmers of hope. Ella and Eli did great also. Unfortunately, we were shocked to learn that Eli has 8 cavities.

Yes. You read that right. Eight.

Oh my.

So we will be making a couple more visits back to the dentist to get his mouth up to good order. And then hopefully NO more cavities on our watch. Or our dime.

Who knew that a hand me down tee-pee set up in the living room could make book time that much more fun. Reading by flashlight is so much more exciting.

Happy Thursday!
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Kelly Via said...

Cool tee pee...but bummer on 8 cavities.

bummer on the cavities. Yucca and rice and no toothbrush. It will be better next time. ;-)

I remember my little brother Gary locking his jaw shut, mom bribed him with a Johnny West doll if he would open his mouth...he did, and he and Johnny had years of fun together! ;-) I'm also up for a good bribe! ;-) guess that's shere I learned that! ha love you all!

gramma D.