Thursday Thoughts

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I'm home. And so are the kids. After ten days away, I am enjoying being Mom again. A lot of that is because my sister Cate took pity on me and offered to come home with me and help me out for another week.

God bless her.

We had a good second opinion appointment for Eli at a cranio facial surgeon at John's Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore while we were up in Maryland. As per his recommendation we also are going to get him evaluated by a pediatric ophthalmologist for concerns about his eye orbits being out of alignment because of the shape of his head. Because we love love love doctors appointments around here. Hopefully once we have that appointment done we will have enough in our arsenal to go ahead and file an appeal. Blue Cross Blue Shield won't know what hit them.

After weeks and weeks of not being able to drink anything other than water (with a high ice to water ratio) I have developed a strong craving for gatorade the past few days. Just the lemon lime flavor. Oh so good. And grapefruit. Lots of grapefruit.

I've been asked a lot lately if I am hoping that this baby is a girl. And while I'll be thrilled if it is a girl I am also really ok if it is a boy. Because...what are the chances that if this baby is a boy that I would have another boy like Ezra.

I'm thinking slim.

Don't get me wrong...I love him to the moon and back and could eat him with a spoon (sometimes a spork). But that boy is a one of a kind and every family should only have one Ezra.

So...any other kind of boy would be fine.

Ella asked me in all seriousness the other day where the baby in my belly puts its plate when it is done eating?

Ok. So she's smart...but maybe not a genius.

That above picture of Ezra was actually taken last January. Two things give it away:

1) I haven't taken any pictures in weeks. Thank you pregnancy motivation sucker.

2) Our pond has been frozen over since December. This has been the coldest winter in NC since I have lived here. With a lot of the white stuff too.

I am eagerly looking forward to spring. Because spring on the farm is awesome. Just awesome. And I'll be pregnant this spring. Which means my allergies won't be so bad and I will get to get out and enjoy it.

See. I'm thinking positive.

Happy Thursday!
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Kelly Via said...

I am excited for all your arsenal for the appeal! Way to put on the boxing gloves, mommy! I'm so glad you have help for another week too!! How wonderful.

Lisa said...

I love your blog and I laughed because I have an "ezra" too! His name is Ian!:) and one is enough for me too!

Sheri said...

I don't have an Ezra maybe that is why I am a little afraid to try for #3!! Actually having an Adrienne is kinda like an Ezra. I am glad you have such a sweet sister to offer to help you this week. Praying you feel better soon.