The Hambrick's Rockin' New Years Eve 2009

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Ah, New Years Eve.

As I sit and write this post, Jeremiah and I are sitting around the fire in our matching flannel pajamas sipping our organic herb tea (grown fresh in our windowsill garden, now thriving thanks to our homemade compost!), reminiscing about our year (1).

We spent the evening huddled around our baby grand listening to Ella singing excerpts from Handel's Messiah while Ezra accompanied her on his hammered dulcimer. They surprised us by perfoming the dance of the sugar plum fairies from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. Ezra struggled a bit with the pas de deux (2), but made up for it with an incredible arabesque (3).

What a calm and peaceful way to end such a calm and peaceful year (4).

Despite a few minor mishaps (5) 2009 was filled with a lot of highlights for all of us...

Jeremiah welcomed his third decade of life in a mature way fitting his responsible and cautious personality (6). He spent his abundance of free time this year memorizing St. Augustine's Confessions and handcrafting his first guitar (7).

I have thoroughly enjoyed the day to day activities of motherhood this year (8). I have been able to embrace the concept of simplicity and find time for myself in each day (9). I thoroughly enjoy the hobby of blogging and pepper my inspirational musings with stunning photography, made from scratch recipes and insights on my incredible homemaking and crafting abilities (10).

The kids had a great year and continue to meet new milestones (11). Ezra auditioned for the terrible twos for months, but thankfully once he had his birthday in September we are finding it really is not so terrible (12). It has been so fun to see his vocabulary expanding in leaps and bounds (13). Ella has morphed into a independent creative preschooler. She is quite the chatterbox and loves to ask easy and fun questions (14). Both the kids enjoy watching independent films, reading contemporary fiction, and eating vegetables (15).

Happy New Year!


1) Ok, we don't even have a working fireplace. We are sitting in front of the television and he's drinking diet coke and I'm downing a coffee in order to even make it to midnight. The only thing I grew this year was mold on that forgotten mushroom left in the fridge.

2) I had to google that word to know how to spell it.

3) Yeah, nothing in that paragraph was true. But there was a fight over a fairy barbie and Ezra tried to play the drums on Ella's head.

4) If by calm and peaceful you mean being stretched to painful limits, then...yes.

5) Twitter, Susan Boyle, the Snuggie, and the Twilight madness.

6) Heck yeah, he went skydiving!

7) Free time. Ha! That's funny. Just kidding about the St. Augustine's Confessions...but he can quote the entire Napoleon Dynamite movie to you.

8) Because who doesn't enjoy wiping noses and bottoms and cleaning things off the floor?

9) I actually got to use the bathroom in privacy two times and read a book without pictures this week.

10) Stop laughing. It's mostly tales of my mundane everyday happenings with the occasional semi maybe kinda a little halfway good picture taken on my non-SLR camera.

11) Ella can now wipe herself some of the time and Ezra clogged the toilet by attempting to flush one of his toy cars.

12) We are finding that terrible is too mild and inadequate a word for raising a two year old boy.

13) Sometimes we can actually understand what he is saying.

14) Like "what do armadillo's eat" and "will I get thirsty in heaven?"

15) Alright, they like Elmo, Dr. Seuss, and McDonalds. We've totally sold out.
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Addie said...

Love it! :)

Renae said...

Okay, can I say you totally have my sense of humor! I was laughing so hard(on the inside...because if I laughed too hard on the outside I would probably throw up..recovering from the stomach flu.)

Tasha Via said...

how creative. Cute post Jenn!
Happy New Year=)

Ok! That's hilarious! Loved it! :)

Kelly Via said...

This was a super fun post, Jenn!! LOL - very creative!

Dana said...

Aaaahhh....back to reality.
My favorite post yet!

Briana said...

this was a masterpiece. well done.