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I know I haven't blogged much lately about our homeschool...

But that isn't because it hasn't gotten done. It has. I decided that even if I was puking and feeling miserable...the house and laundry and cooking dinner could wait...but we still managed to get our school in. Now, in all honesty I probably won't win any awards for creative or energetic teacher of the month. But. We did it. And Ella caught on to some new concepts in the process.

Count to one hundred. Check.
Counting by tens to one hundred. Check.
Money. Check. ( least the basics. those tricky nickels and quarters will get you every time!)
Finished next level of Bob Books. Check.

She is starting to do her math problems without using manipulatives now. I went in to check on her the other day and found her all hunched over and contorted. She explained that she "was trying to count using her fingers, but ran out of them and had to use her toes too." Oh yes. Of course. Toes make great math manipulatives.

We also started learning about the basics of sentence structure. I got this fun game (Silly Sentances) at the consignment sale last week and she loves it. In only paid $2 for it to. I love that.

Eli really likes this activity. Matching the beads to the dots. Keeps him occupied for a long time.

So, overall and with all things considered I am happy with what we got done in January. But I am looking forward to feeling better and being more creative with them next month!
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Kristen said...

Love that Eli's using the dot cards...makes me smile!

They are so cute! All of them! For the money, there is this strategy called "Touch Money" and it really helped my 3rd graders learn money when I taught 3rd grade. Let me know if you want to know how to do it! ;-)

scoopingitup said...

i am a potential future homeschooler, so thanks for sharing!