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Two pictures taken today.
And oh, let me tell you...they capture the excitement of my day. I'm not sure you are ready for them.
But you can consider yourself warned.

1) Aunt Cate (or Cake as Ezra fondly refers to her as) weeding out my expired coupons. Yes, that is quite the pile. What can I say...I'm a coupon slacker. And she is my angel.

Ella painting. More mermaids. The girl has a mermaid fetish. And yes, I know she is wearing a 90 degree sundress in 40 degree weather. I choose to pick my battles today.

Now my January 2011 picture folder has two photos in them. I can go to bed tonight and sleep.
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meredith said...

That's a lot of coupons! Where do you find your coupons? I can never find many coupons.
Meredith -

Kristen said...

sounds like a perfect and easy day!! Those are the best!

Pam said...

So great to see you last night at the consignment sale even for just a second! You look great!! You are inspiring me because I like you, prior to these 2 adorable shots, have no pictures in my January folder...eeeek!!