Not Me Monday

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I am always conscientious of making sure my meals are balanced and nutritious. Especially now that I am eating for two. Therefore I would not let my entire days diet consist of only chocolate pudding and white rice.

Oh no. Not me.

And I wouldn't be avoiding the inevitable transition to maternity pants by relying on the "rubber band" trick. Of which I am of course very conscientious of making sure my zipper stays up at, ahem...all times. Especially high traffic times such as Sunday mornings and trips to the grocery store.

So therefore, my five year old would never have reason to tell me that my underwear was showing. In the front.

Oh no. Not me.
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Pam said...

Love, love this one!! My sweet friend introduced me to the belly turning back! I LOVE IT!!

Rachael said...

Ahhhhh, the rubber band trick! I even resorted to using a hair band.... Ur five year old sounds a lot like mine --doesn't miss a trick and smarter than a whip. Love ur sense of humor and thanks for making me laugh (with you, not at you, of course!!!)

Briana said...

i like how you are referring to it as "high traffic" times. ha, that made me laugh.

good one.