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I have started and stopped this post about 7 times this morning. When I try to review or sum up the year 2010 I just get so overwhelmed. How do I sum up one of the most exciting, painful, stretching, learning, exhausting, humbling, and best years of my life into a succinct, witty, and somewhat free of typo's post?

I'm really having a hard time.

Obviously, the overarching big story of 2010 was our adoption of Eli. If you had told me last December what this year would be like...I wouldn't have believed you. No way would we get our referral after waiting less than 2 months. No way would we not pass court until the third try. No way would every. single. penny. needed to complete the adoption have been provided in such a short time. No way would I struggle so much with my feelings towards Eli. No way would Ella have had such a seamless transition to being a big sister of two little brothers. No way was Ezra going to have such a hard hard hard time adjusting to a new brother. No way would I ever go to the depths of emotional exhaustion like I did. No way would I ever have to trust in the Lord on a completely new level. And no way would the six months since having Eli home fly by in such a mind blowing blur.

No way would he go from this...

To this in 6 short months...

And so, the overarching biggest story of 2010 was the faithfulness of my God. Faithful to provide. Faithful to be my rock. Faithful to bring me through. Faithful to begin to heal our Eli. Faithful to sustain us all.

I could not have made it through this year without him.

And that is really the sum of our 2010. My inability. The Lord's ability.
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I'd say you summed it up pretty well. I appreciate you sharing your story with the world and being so open and honest about how hard and great it is at different times. Blessings to you and a Happy New Year to you and yours.