of bubbles and hammocks and captain sassy pants

Ella enjoyed a sleepover with cousin Cana last night. And they enjoyed Jeremiah's tales of Sir Captain Sassy Pants whilst dreaming of warmer days on the hammock.

Oh, and Eli enjoyed his bubbles. And making a mess.

And Ezra. Well, he just has to smile. He has me at a smile.


Renae said...

Too cute! We have "Tiny Tookie" stories(he's always getting into lots of scrapes;))...but Sir Captain Sassy Pants sounds much more exciting!!! My kids love hearing their Dad tell these stories!

Kelly Via said...

Awesome. I can't wait to ask Cana about her sleepover tomorrow. I know she had a great time...and I'll have to ask her about Capt Sassy Fancy Pants too!


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