Not Me Monday

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I did not ignore a "Mommy I have to go potty" request just because I was at the farthest opposite side of the bathroom in the biggest store in the world and I just needed to get one more thing.

Therefore I did not discover it was too late by the time we made it.

And I definitely am always prepared for these kind of incidents and had the appropriate equipment to deal with it.


And so I did not just throw away the evidence and allow my child to go around commando the rest of the shopping trip.

And of course it goes without saying that I did not lose my cool at any time during this occurrence.

Yep. Never happened. Not me.
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Briana said...

ok, no way you let your kid walk around commando, oh wait that means no underwear not no underwear and pants, ok then that's ok. ha. and i'm curious, is the biggest store on earth Ikea or WalMart?