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In this stage of life there is so much I can find myself wishing to hurry along...

The boys learning how to wipe their own bottoms (ahem, ...effectively.)
Clean up after themselves,
put their shoes on the right feet,
or _________________.

But I've heard it said and I have to remind myself often that things don't ever necessarily get easier, it just gets different.

And so, today, I choose to dwell on the little things my favorite people do that I would love to pause.

Not fast forward. Not hurry along. Not wait for the next stage.

Just pause...

How Ezra calls a tornado, tomato, and potato... a "matatoe." Please never learn the correct way to say these things.

How Ella changes what she wants to be when she grows up every single day. And then finishes the statement with a "this time I'm not changing."

How Eli is always willing to go with his sister to the basement to "help her be brave."

How Ezra looks when he first wakes up from a nap with blanket imprints still fresh on his pink cheeks and his hair all askew. And how his first words are always "Momma, can I get up?" followed by "I'm hungry."

How Ella insists on sleeping in the boys room...despite her awesome own girly room...because she "misses her brothers."

How Eli chases the cat all around the yard...desperately trying to bestow his gift of a kiss on her.

How they all are so easily entertained by the journey of a ladybug across a window.

And come apart (in a good way) when they see their Daddy drive in the driveway.

And allow me to read them books all cuddled up in a heap on my bed for loooong stretches of time.

What are some of your favorite things you'd love to pause?
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Bobbie Grant said...

Reagan thinks Mommy and Daddy are the most awesome people on earth. Everything is about us. . .Pause
Her willingness to "help" me do everything. . .Pause
Her need for "just one more" kiss, hug, cuddle. . .super-pause!

I love that picture!

Briana said...

i want to pause how Rye puts his head on my shoulder and then gives me a wide open mouth kiss. i also want to pause the "i know you love that, mom" face he gives me when he's done. I want to pause the Trev looks at Rye when he's doing a new trick, he is so amazed and in love with his son and his face is full of prideful (the good kind) love. and on a lighter note, i want to pause my age before the 8th! :)