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I've been compiling the following list of actual sentences that have come out of my mouth for a while now...oh, say a day or so:

We don't wrestle in the bathtub. (1)

Do not put the asparagus in your nose. (2)

Poop stays in the toilet. (1)

You may not shut yourself in the refrigerator without telling me first. (3)

No, he doesn't have a baby in his tummy. (4)

No, poop is not healthy. (1)

We don't wrestle in the car. (1)

Take that pipe cleaner out of your brother's ear. (3)

Well, if you would just wipe your bottom better it wouldn't itch. (1)

We don't talk about poop at church. (1)

Let me smell those pants. Ok, they are fine to wear tomorrow. (4)

We don't wrestle in the library. (1)

You can't marry Daddy, he's mine. (3)

You can not jump out of the gator while it is moving. (4)

You can not ride your car off the back of the gator while it is moving. (4)

We don't wrestle on the kitchen table. (1)

You can hi-yah! your brother after breakfast. (4)

I'm sorry you are sad that you cut your barbies hair. Go cry in your room because I don't want to listen to it. (3)

Today is today. Tomorrow is tomorrow. (1)

Everybody poops. (4)


Key: (just in case you couldn't guess, ha!)

(1) = Ezra
(2) = Jeremiah
(3) = Ella
(4) = Eli

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Tasha Via said...

I like the one you had to tell Jeremiah, hahaha!!!

Our Family said...

That made me laugh ... but the funniest one is the one you had to direct to Jeremiah :-)

Leah said...

This is too funny! Sounds like my house, I can relate with many of those sentences! :)

Pam said...

Great post!!! ☺

Love it!! I might steal this idea ;)