Recap: Eli's Fourth and First Birthday Party

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From helping me make his cupcakes...
to getting to play all afternoon with his Nana, cousins, aunts and uncles...
to getting to eat his fill of his favorite food...
to being surrounded by all (well...most. we missed those that couldn't make it!) of his friends and family that supported us and loved us through every step of getting him here...

It was the perfect way to celebrate his very special life!

A few side notes I feel I should mention:

He really wanted a mater cake (from the CARS movie) but if there is one area I am highly deficient in it would be the creative baking one. However, he was happily pacified with a mater cup cake.

I am actually highly deficient in many areas...not just the creative baking one.

His favorite food is salsa...and I finally cut him off at 5 bowls of it the night of his party. So, technically he didn't truly eat his fill of it. But I was afraid of, after effects of allowing unrestricted salsa eating. Oh, and it took all the restraint I had not to edit out all the salsa remnants on his face in that first photo...but I figured this was a better picture of reality...mess and all!

We had been practicing singing the Happy Birthday song to him all week so that he wouldn't have any performance anxiety and he took all the attention like a champ! And there was no need to worry if he would need to be "taught" how to blow out all his candles. He did it like he had been doing it all his life.

I might have choked up a bit when I looked around and saw his happy smile and sparkling eyes when we were all singing him Happy Birthday. I know, I am a big hormonal pregnant mush...but the miracle of his life and his being here wasn't lost on me in that moment.

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Kristen said...

Confession -

I definitely choked up too when we sang to him...I'm not sure how you weren't bawling your eyes out!

Awesome first/fourth birthday for Eli!

I have only see his little life through pictures, but I think it is amazing to see the progression of the security and knowing he's loved look in his eyes! So precious! :)

Hollan said...

happy birthday eli!

are you kidding? i am crying just looking at the pics and i am not even preggo!

hes so lovely.

Briana said...

oh i wish i'd been there for this one. and i'm proud of you for letting him get to 5 bowls. holy cow.

If Eli comes near me, I intend to steal him. You've been warned. Best stay away.