Thursday Thoughts

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Oh man. What a week. How can it be almost over?

We have the start of three swimming pools in our backyard. Otherwise known as a new septic system. Or the greatest temptation ever for my boys. Mud piles that lead down to, yeah, they are all about that. Oh, and a real live bulldozer right in our backyard. My boys think they have died and gone to heaven.

For poop that has backed up into my bathtub....yeah, not so much.

This baby in my belly must have hit a growth spurt because I am feeling huge this week. And those gentle movements I was feeling last week have turned into not so gentle movements. I don't remember my other babies being so active this early on.

Sidenote: Ella was way more active in the womb than Ezra. He was just faking me out.

We find out next week whether it will be a boy or girl joining our craziness. Anyone care to make a guess?

I realize I forgot to write about our quick trip to the Star City last weekend. Our highlights included taking a drive up to the star, playing on Meme and Poppee's conveniently placed indoor playgym (otherwise known as their stairs), and making homemade donuts with Meme. Yum.

I hear rumors of temp's in the 80's for this weekend here in ol' North Carolina. Bring it!

Happy Thursday!
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ADawson said...

I'm gonna guess it's either a boy, a girl or one of those good hunting dogs. Probably a boy though :)

I'm guessing girl, for your sake!

It's a girl and she's gonna be just like her gramma...and daddy....

How long did it take for you to show with the first baby (ella, of course)? I feel like it's taking forever...haha! I have so much to learn!