8 years.

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today marks 8 years married to mr hambrick.

we've lived a lot of life (and made a lot of life) in these awesome 8 years.

i wouldn't trade a second of our life together for anything.

or anyone.
or anywhere.

happy anniversary jeremiah.

i love you.

I, Jeremiah/Jennifer,
take you Jeremiah/Jennifer,
to be my wife/husband.
I choose this day to deny myself for you,
to commit my heart and eyes to you alone,
to support,
and love you,
in good times and in bad times,
in rich times and in poor times,
in sickness and in health.
I will challenge you to be God's best,
I will work to be God's best for you,
and I will love you unconditionally.
This is my covenant with you and my God.

p.s. For whoever started that 7 year itch rumor...well, it is just a bunch of balarney. our 7th year has been a great one for us...one of our best.

bring on 77 more.
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Kelly Via said...

Lovely pictures! Love them!! AND, love you guys - Happy Anniversary!!

Tasha Via said...

Happy Anniversary ya'll! You make being married look so easy:)

P.S. I was really hoping for the boob-grabbing picture, ha!

Our 8 year is tomorrow. You guys are so cute, I do NOT have that many pictures of us together since I am always the one taking them...

cate said...

Love the pictures!Happy Anniversary!!! Love you guys

mommajeane said...

Hapyy anniversary to a couple who does make it look so easy and satisfying...great role models for all of Jenn's siblings :) Love you guys and glad you were able to celebrate today.

Happy Anniversary dear ones. We well remember the beautiful wedding eight years ago. Now look at you.
Love each other, loving your children and loving your God. We love you so much!