Thursday Thoughts

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...reason # 79,452,900,872 that my kids think their dad is the best in the world.

He made them a swing this week. A three seater. Oh, the fun. Harris Teeter triple coupon run picture.

Spent around $20. Saved around $80. Score.

The last 10 things I have googled:

1) how to keep tadpoles alive
2) homemade thumb guards
3) is tylenol pm safe for pregnant women
4) coloring pictures of jesse from toy story 3
5) raspberry tea for uterine health
6) nc homeschool convention
7) where can i watch reruns of mtv's best dance crew
8) what does febrile mean
9) free photoshop action sets
10) pictures of animal habitats

You can tell a lot about a person from what they've been googling.

I know, I know...I lead a tremendously interesting life.

The boys thought it would be a fabulous fun idea to sneak our bucket of beans into their room and fling them everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. This is them an HOUR into the clean up. I kid you not.

...reason # 79,452,900,873 that my kids think they have the best dad in the world.

I'd have to agree with them.

Did you notice that Ella's training wheels are not in use...yep, she has set her sights on riding independently.

Happy Thursday!
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Tasha Via said...

Oh No! The beans are EVERYWHERE! Sorry:(
Love the google search list.
1 - because it's a list and I love it
2 - because I've searched several of the same things
3 - because it's fun

Tasha Via said...

Oh yeah, and way to go on triples!!! That's amazing!

Dana said...

OF COURSE you made me have to google the word febrile after reading this post. :D

Love and miss you guys!