From Poppyseed to Pumpkin: Chinese Cabbage Week

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Why, hello third trimester! You are very welcome in my life.

It seems as though my little Zoe is now not so little anymore, pushing past the 2 lb mark and is almost 15 inches long. She can blink now, with eyes that are sporting lashes, no less. How cool.

I am good, in the pregnant sense of the word. I am feeling very tremendously supremely huge at this point, which is a little scary considering I have 12 more weeks to go. Unless of course I have 7 or 8 more weeks, as is more typical of my pregnancies. Of course, no one is hoping for that. Of course.

This little baby is more than a mover and a shaker. More than a rocker and a roller. I've considered the possibility of her being a crack baby, except for the fact that I am not on crack. She moves ALL THE TIME. Her movements (star jumps, cartwheels, and forward rolls) even wake me up throughout the night. Oi.

I have been craving crushed ice lately. Mmm. If you ever want to go through the sonic drive thru and just bring me a big cup of their ice I will love you forever.

My nesting urges are still here...but I seem to have completely run out of energy. I have her nursery about 1/2 finished. Yep, that means I still have 1/2 way to go. One of these days...

And as promised, a 7 month belly shot. This one was taken last night as we were heading out to our anniversary date. Which, on an unrelated note was to the melting pot, our first trip there...and it was fabulous.

Bring on the last trimester!
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Pam said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!! YAY for the third trimester!

Tasha Via said...

I can't believe it's already here! You do look great:)

Danielle Via said...

You look great, Jenn! Love that dress.

Kelly Via said...

Hope you guys had a wonderful fondue dinner!! You look beautiful!!