The Great Room Rearrangement and Toy Purge of 2011

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Without further ado...

The kids room - BEFORE

The kids room - AFTER (now the office/Zoe's room)

Technically, Zoe gets a closet. And we are going the whole pack-n-play route instead of a crib this time around too, because I couldn't fit a crib in the closet. Poor poor 4th child syndrome. (Although, if we are going to get technical about it...her closet is the same size as a bedroom in NYC or Tokyo, right?!)

The old downstairs office -
The BEFORE before picture.

What it looked like when we 1st moved in, cinder block walls, baseboard units and all:

The old office - AFTER (Now the boys room)

Please notice the lack of toys...only books and 1 basket of cars now reside in their room. They are just as content and keeping their room clean is SOOOO much easier. Also please notice Eli's beloved pillow pet residing on his bed. I banished it to the bed after hearing too much "pillow pet talk." And the photographer in me hates these photos and the lighting...but, alas...I was not wasting any more time waiting for better lighting. The wall color is much more orange/brown...not the puke color that the photo reflects.

The basement playroom - BEFORE

The basement playroom - AFTER

Again, the photo is terrible. But, it does show you all the open space we have available now for the massive sword fights/forts/obstacle courses/wrestling matches that go on these days in the hambrick household. And don't make fun of my hideous orange/plaid $4 yard sale chair. I love it and that is all that matters.

The During Photo's

Just because it was such a big undertaking that I had to include some. You know you are jealous that you didn't get to be a part of the fun. We went through every single closet and toy bin and purged about 60% of our toys and ALL of the boys old clothes. How in the world did we accumulate so much stuff? I'm not even a stuff kind of person.

And finally, a few ending notes. We are keeping a monitor in the boys room in the effort to catch any of their mischievous ways. It's not always so successful. Ella had a big girl room made up for her several months ago, which didn't get much use as she "missed her brothers" too much and just continued to sleep with them. Now she is actually sleeping in her own room because it is right across the hall from her brothers and as long as her door is open to hear them she is a happy camper.

Ta Da.

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Tasha Via said...

Jenn, I LOVE it! Those pictures look like they came out of a magazine:) I love your decorating style.

Kelly Via said...

Jenn, as always, your house looks fantastic!! I love the changes that you have made; excited to see them in person.

Kelly Via said...

Oh, and Tasha and I LOVED that you chose to do this right at our Adoption Yard Sale...thank you for all your donations!! ;)