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It's been a great weekend...a great week, actually.
Yes, we filled it chock full of museum visits and appointments and so on and so forth.

But we also had a lot of quiet, simple, and meaningful moments.

I feel like I have been given this tremendous gift that I didn't really expect in these last few weeks before the big move to Haiti...

The gift of perspective.

I realize that my time with my friends is short and so I am cherishing their company.
I know I won't have the luxury of museums and libraries and playgrounds...and so we are enjoying them with a new found fervor.
I am taking lots of bubble baths and savoring the luxury of it.
I am singing my heart out like I just don't care during our church worship.
I am soaking in the coolness of our strong air conditioner and sleeping under heavy blankets.
I am calling my mom every day just because I can and its easy.
Instead of being discontent with my house/yard/clothes...I am absolutely utterly content. There is nothing I need.

I realize that these simple things that I normally take for granted (and lets not even go into the realm of the clean water I enjoy or the access to healthcare that is provided for my kids...) are very quickly going to be coming to an end for this new season of our lives.

And when you lose something, or in my case, know you will be losing something...all of a sudden you don't take it for granted.

What a blessing this is!
What a perspective shifter.
I am so grateful and thankful and blessed.

I am completely overwhelmed that my God would choose to use me and my family in this way, in this calling to the mission field in Haiti. I don't feel I am sacrificing. I feel privileged. And part of this privilege is the knowledge of the Lord's blessings on my the here in now of these last few weeks before Haiti.

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mommajeane said...

Don't write to many of these types of blogs or I won't be able to hold it in….. :) Love you.

Tasha Via said...

I am SO glad to hear that these last few weeks are being cherished and you are able to make some memories before you head out. I know the to-do list is only growing and there seems to be so many loose ends, so I am so grateful for your renewed appreciation and perspective.

Pam said...

Please blog about your kids reactions and how they are doing with all of this!! I am dying to read it. Love this Faith Journey your family is embarking on!!