thursday thoughts (on Friday)

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We interrupt all the Haiti posts for a very big Zoe announcement...

She got her first hair cut.

Oh, the cuteness is unbelievable.
Although I was sad to see the big curls at the end go...they are safely saved for the baby book.
She looks like a real and true toddler now.

Allowing a paci and Elmo on the ipad worked like a charm in holding her still!

She turns 2 on Sunday. Sigh.

The house officially went on the market this week.

We did about a months worth of work (yard sale, cleaning carpets, weeding, painting, de-cluttering, major cleaning, landscaping, etc...) in four days.

My body is tired, but I am so stinkin' excited for this next phase!

I can physically take a deep breath and relax for the moment. Jeremiah is hoping that my brain function will return to semi-normal levels, ha!

And if I may, I must say that my husband is a beast! And by beast, I mean that in a complimentary way =) He has done the majority of all the heavy lifting on getting the house ready, staying up late late into the night working on finishing up freelance graphic design projects, as well as a myriad of other necessary things and still manages to fit in time to wrestle with the kids. All of this with a good attitude.

Beast, I tell ya.

The kids got most of their travel vaccines last week...and were great troopers! This week was the rest of the shots and the passport application appointments. Why in the world the US Postal service really wanted all 4 of my children present for these appointments is beyond me, but bring them all in at once we did.

I am already amazed and overwhelmed at the support of friends and family in the process. Cliche, I know...but really and truly amazed! From watching our kids to buying our stuff at the yard sale to offering a storage site for our keepsakes to the prayers lifted on our behalf and on and on.

Again with the cliche...but I really can tell people have been praying for us. Thank you.

We bought our airplane tickets. Official departure date is September 17, 2013.


Haiti here we come.

Happy Friday!
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