that didn't come out right

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Zoe: I see a hoink!
Translation: I see a pig!

Ella: Mom, where is the conculator?
Translation: Mom, where is the calculator?

Ezra: When are we doing boot rear floats?
Translation: When are we doing root bear floats?

Zoe: Night Night fu*#
Translation: Night Night Fox (a picture she has on the wall of her bedroom that she tells goodnight as part of her bedtime ritual.)

Eli: That is so appropriate. (said in the most disgusted manner he can muster up)
Translation: That is so inappropriate.

It's possible that I laugh at them.
And get them to repeat over and over just to laugh some more.

After all, why have kids if you can't laugh at with them?!
Yep, I'm super mature like that =)

An oldie but a goodie. One of my favorite pics of these silly kiddo's.
 - July 2010 
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Leah H said...

I absolutely love it when my kids do this!! :)

Erin Snyder said...

Your girls sure do love the f word at a young age! :)

I cried laughing at the f$@! ... So mature !! Hahahaha