the Haiti adventure: how you can get involved

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Alternative title for this post could be "We stink at fundraising!" But that isn't near as classy, so we will go with the other one for now.

We have been inundated by friends with questions of how you can help...and so, without further ado, here are some practical ways you can help us in our new adventure:

1) Pray for us. Duh! No brainer. We are expecting your prayers. If you love us, care for us, or are even just remotely amused and entertained by us...pray for us!

Here are some specific things that are dear to our hearts that we ask you to pray for:

- For our marriage to stay strong. Satan would love to see us succumb to the stress and turn on each other.
- For our kids to have peace throughout all the upcoming transitions.
- Our house to sell quickly.
- Our sanity as we have an enormous amount of details to take care of in a very VERY very short amount of time.
- For an effective ministry in Haiti!

2) Support us financially.

Our position is very unique in that a lot of our major expenses in Haiti are taken care of, such as our housing and airfare costs. However, we still need to raise money to cover our health insurance, food costs (food prices in Haiti are about 2 1/2 times more expensive than here in America...a gallon of milk is $9!), moving expenses to get to Haiti (passports, travel expenses, vaccines, etc.), as well as purchasing a vehicle for us to use in Haiti just to name a few things. We estimate that we need to raise approx $10,00 for a vehicle and $1,500 a month.

We KNOW that God always provides for what he has called us to and so we are trusting in that truth...scary as it can be!

If you would like to give, all our funds will be going through Jeremiah's parents ministry: Until The Whole World Knows, a 501c3 tax-exempt mission organization. All gifts are tax deductible. You can give safely online by visiting their site or you can send a check to:

Until The Whole World Knows, Inc.
731 Duval Station Rd. Suite 107-281
Jacksonville, FL 32218

Just be sure to mark your gifts with our first AND last names since we share the same last name, ha!

Thank you so much for those of you that have already overwhelmed us with your support and prayers! It is cliche...but it really is amazing to see our friends and family joining us on this new ministry.

Also, if you'd like to receive email newsletters once we are on the field, please let us know by emailing me: jennifer @ (no spaces).

Haiti, here we come!

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