thursday thoughts (the state of the family address)

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This week has felt very surreal for me.
The closest analogy I can give for this feeling is those last days before a new baby is born or a child is coming know everything is about to change, nothing will be as it was before...but, nothing has changed yet.

Soon, but not yet.

Its strange I tell ya.

I would say that we are all doing well right now. Jeremiah has had a very busy week with work (it is my favorite week of the whole year for our church...Serve Your City Week!) and so we honestly haven't had much time to talk, but I know he is doing good. He has been amazing at juggling the craziness of the last few weeks and attending to all the little details that have to be worked out.

I interrupt this state of the family address for an invitation to join us this Friday for a community movie night if you are a local reader. It'll be fun and we'd love to see you! Click here for details.

Our house officially went under contract this week! We have had a good amount of traffic over the last two weeks and only gotten positive feedback from everyone who had viewed it so we were pretty certain we'd get an offer this week...and we did! Its a great offer and we are super excited. We really struggled with choosing to rent or sell, but are certain we made the right choice for us in selling the house.

I am doing good. I've felt out of sorts this week just with that sense of knowing everything is about to change. I would normally be gearing up hard to start school next week, but instead I just finalized my planning and packed everything up into a suitcase. I would normally be getting excited for the upcoming change in seasons (as much as you can call it a change with the warmth of a NC fall, ha!), but instead I went scouring sales racks for marked down summer clothes for my family to take to Haiti. There is no such thing as a fall or winter season there!

Despite the out of sorts feeling, there is an underlying excitement and peace. I know this is God's plan and I ultimately am resting in that.

The kids also are handling things like champs. I really have been so proud of them! We had to sell a lot of their toys and things and they had such good attitudes about it. Zoe and even the boys really don't have a lot of comprehension of the changes that will happen. To the boys they are just excited about the airplane ride and seeing their grandparents and all the known positives that are coming with the move.

Ella understands a lot more. Up until the last few days I would have said she was doing great and 100% for the move. The last few days she has expressed some apprehension...sadness about leaving friends and family and all that is known to her right now. We are working through it and learning a lot of good lessons in trust and obedience. I know she will struggle at times, but I am also certain that she has a faith of her own and this experience will draw her close to her God in an amazing way. I am just praying for wisdom in leading her through the sad times.

My very sensitive and perceptive sweet girl.

We are excited about the upcoming packed full weekend of seeing friends and getting even more checked off our list!

One more week in North

Happy Thursday!

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Erin Snyder said...

one week?? one week? is it really happening that fast?? didn't you just post that you were leaving in 6 weeks? where did the time go?!? we'd love to see you guys before you leave, but know you've got a lot on your agenda. shoot us a text if you find a break for a quick visit with the snyders! praying for you guys!!