Thursday Thoughts: museum overload (and photo dump)

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I have this checklist I am working through to get all the practical things done before Haiti...wills and insurance and blah blah blah.


I also have this 2nd mental checklist I am working through of not so "practical" things I want to do before Haiti.

Necessary...probably not.
Boring...absolutely not!

One of the things on this list included a trip to visit all of the amazing museums that are local to us here in NC...some of them longtime favorites and some of them as first visits.

Not having a lot of time left...and "free" time at that...I decided to squeeze visits to 4 museums into 2 days.
By myself.
It was crazy fun!

The kids loved it, I loved it...and I never even lost a kid (for more than a few seconds!)

Some pictures of our museum adventuring, in complete random and unedited order of cell phone and "good" camera photos, because ain't nobody got time for that anymore...

Outside at the NC Museum of Art Sculpture Walk.

Zoe's favorite...the fish at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences Museum.

Ezra's favorite...the t-rex head =) 

This boy would sit at the origami table at the NC Museum of Life and Science for HOURS. 

The kids loved the mirrored walls at the NC Museum of Art, ha!

Now that we all have our fill of "culture"we can spend the weekend picking our noses and watching cartoons?!

Happy Thursday!
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Erin Snyder said...

I love that you're getting in some of the shots now! That one of you and Eli is so great!

Does Ezra love the paper airplane station at the Museum of Life and Science? Allyson and I both thought of him when we saw that with camp this summer.

Also, great shot of that tree sculpture! I have a weird love of trees in open fields with no leaves!