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Well, hello August! How did you sneak up on us?

It's been a big week around here.

We decided to sell the house instead of renting it. It is more work upfront but it will be much less stress in the long haul just to be done with it. We have 4 days until it goes on the market...woohoo!

My dear sister Tasha kept the kids for me Tuesday night and all day Wednesday and I worked like a maniac...

Our normally neat and organized garage is very hazardous at the moment!

Now, having the whole house to myself to get into shape I did what any self-respecting mother would do...I set the pandora station to 80's classic rock, pulled my hair back in a pony-tail, and set to work on the kids rooms. Because every mom knows that trying to get rid of toys WITH your kids is never a good idea. All of a sudden that dust-bunny covered happy meal toys from 2 years ago becomes your childs FAVORITE thing in the whole wide world.

Oh, the anguish.

All this cleaning out means that we are having a pretty good yard/moving sale this Saturday. We have a place to store some of our stuff (keepsakes, photos, special furniture, etc.) while we are gone...but everything else we own that doesn't fit inside of the eighteen 70lb bags of luggage we are bringing with us...has got to go!

I have to admit it is very freeing to see all my "stuff" go. 

If you are local, feel free to come by to the sale...even just to say hi!

3 Monarch Way 
Durham, NC 27713
Saturday, August 3rd 
7am - till we drop

Normally I am a very independent "I can do this" kind of person. To let people help me out is hard for me. However, I feel a new side of me developing as I have decided to say yes to every single offer for I know I cannot do the sheer amount of work required to get us down to Haiti in 6 weeks by myself. I just can't. And I am amazingly ok with that. So, this is your warning if you were thinking of offering will be taken up on it, ha!

Jeremiah and I get to take all four kids to the passport health agency this morning for them all to get their travel vaccines.  I don't think I'll be getting any offers for help on this one. You know you are jealous of me =) 

Oh, the anguish!
(Ice cream will make it all feel better!)

Happy Thursday!

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DebHambrick said...

Ice cream and chic fil A should do the trick!

Hope you have a great day...after your morning appt. and a very good yard sale on Saturday!!

Love you guys!
Hugs and kisses for the boo boos!