swiftly fly the years: Zoe Elizabeth turns two!

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Oh, the sweetness and sassiness and spunkiness of this girl is just too much.

Too. Much.

She loves her some Minnie Mouse.
And princesses.
And squinkies.
And running around (scaling stair railings) in just a diaper...

She is full of quirky expressions.

She loves her siblings.
And her Abby dog.
And her buddy "Miah."

She is particularly attached to me right now.
I've never had a "momma's girl" before and I have to admit, I am kind of enjoying it.

She is super affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses.
Insists on kisses from everyone before bedtime and goodbyes.
Multiple kisses.

Is sort of a particular eater...still preferring meat over pretty much anything else. Although she will go crazy for any kind of popsicle or ice-cream treat. CrAzY!

Is officially paci-free except for bedtime!
Still sleeps with her blankies and assortment of minnie mouse, princesses, barbies, or other random stuffed animals.

Has a very strong will and loves to boss anybody who will let her.
Loves to color and play with stickers and paint.

Her first "official" painting =)

Loves shoes and purses and hair accessories.
Doesn't like loud noises and chick-fil-a cows and firemen dressed in their equipment.
Or being told no.
Or having her diaper changed.
Or holding still.

She just cut 6 new teeth in the last few weeks.
Is wearing 2t-3t sized clothes...not sure how much she weighs or how tall she is until next weeks 2 year check up appointment.

She has no clue of the major life changes that are about to happen to her in just a few short weeks. I, obviously, am very optimistic for how she will adjust as her world is her family right now and none of that will be changing...just the environment. I appreciate any prayers for her adjustment and peace for her little soul as her world is about to be rocked.

Oh Zoe, 

I know I say it a lot...but you are so incredibly and ridiculously loved and adored by your family. You are an impish bundle of fun that we could just eat up, we love you so! You are a blessing, a gift from God, and we pray that even now at the young age of two that you know how much you are loved...most of all by your heavenly Father. We are entrusted with you for this precious short time...and we desire to make the most of our time...loving you and training you and enjoying you and sharing the great love of God with you. 

To the great big moon and back,

Your Momma

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