Not Me Monday

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Zoe did not lock herself into the downstairs bathroom one day this week.

I did not realize it until I realized it had been way too quiet for way too long.

I did not panic a bit when I knocked on the door and found it locked with NO sounds coming from inside.

I did not immediately drop to my stomach to peer under the crack underneath the door and see two chubby little feet moving around and start breathing again.

I did not finally get the door unlocked and was greeted by the sight of my very wet from toilet water precious daughter covered in the completely unrolled roll of toilet paper...licking the toilet plunger.

Oh no. Not me.

I'm way better at supervising my children.

Especially this little girl who turns 2 this week...

Yes, my eyes are always watching, always monitoring and supervising...


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Erin Snyder said...

she is SO cute!! it's hard to believe she is almost 2...I remember you were SO ready for her to come 2 years ago...just not on July 30th! :) She took her sweet little precious time on her arrival in that hot hot summer though.

Tasha Via said...


DebHambrick said...

love it! She's into body art! ;-)